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Wanted to share a vertical slice of Nexel, a project currently on hold.


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Very sad it's cancelled. A bit hope is hold that it's will be continued in future. I realy like concept of it and realy waiting when would be an opportunity to play full release or early access version of it. Good luck!

Quite sad that this project is on hold, the performance improvements for being a prototype is amazing compared to Staxel, i hope this evolves into something else at least


only just now realized you guys put this on hold.. Welp I enjoyed the game so I feel my time was well spent and when you guys continue this game now you have my notes XD


So I realized how stupid I was earlier thinking you smelted the pink ore for the ingots. when you actually craft them I now can confirm in the current virsion of the game you can get all the pink gear. Also the pink axe can not take down mushroom like the big ones which made grinding so much more difficult as I presoom it would have dropped the mushrooms you need for the scary mushroom meaning I had to kill for them or pick the small ones from the ground that don't seems to regen over a short period of time. After gainign the best gear I am compitent that I have COMPLETED this virsion of the game Its 100/10 I think if put more effort into and time this could become a game level to minecraft and Terraria and skyrim

fyI The scarry mushroom summons the boss AGAIN which is great but once dead it brings the "continue playing?" up again which is fine though if im grinding the boss not so much

I finished the demo but went looking around found a furnace and forging area. (i presume this is soon the be implimented though am gonna mention this incase you didn't know or someone else playing wants to know) you can get infinate iron ore/ingots here just open and close the same furnace multiple times the smelting is slow enough that the ore multiplies if you go fast enough to grab some ore. In order to stack bars you have to do this method as you can not hand stack them. Also the pink ore (forgetting the name) you can not smelt 

nevermind after crafting an iron pick I seem to beable to stack ingots by hand how odd

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Not sure if intended but There was wood blocking this hole If you parkour with the cloud boots you can make it through and you end up at a cave where if you go through it you find a path that leads to a chest and a hole that takes you to the end of the locked door section mentioned earlier . Also sorry for many comments I figured this would be the best place to say things I find in the game that may or may not be a bug/glitchy and or secretive (if its a clear secret I won't mention it)

So you can skip one locked door so far that I have found by not entering one area completly and or by going through but at the door axe some wood and jump outthe locked door

the outside hole

the hole from the inside you can jump out of

Ik this is new and all so im not hateing just saying a uh controlls list to tell you what the trow button would be nice. As after you gain the first chest you can go to 2 areas one being obviously the right way the other looking like a secret. Well I went the way your not supposed to and found a 1 block hole... Threw my sword and couldn't get it back. I had to restart which was fine though thaught to mention this can happen.


Realy enjoyed playing the demo!! <3